Sarusawa Pond (courtesy of the tourist association of Nara City)

Sarusawa Pond

Sarusawa Pond is a pond of Kōfukuji Temple on Noboriōji-chō in Nara City. It is used for part of a Buddhist ceremony to release fish into the water. People have admired the moon seen from Sarusawa Pond as one of the eight beautiful views in Nara since the Muromachi Period (1336-1573). These eight views are called ‘Nantohakkei’ because of their beauty. There is a legend that a woman who served in the imperial Court committed suicide because a tennō (an emperor) did not love her. Women who worked in the imperial Court were called ‘Uneme’. A shrine called ‘Uneme shrine’ was built in the northwestern corner of the pond to console her spirit. There is a tree called ‘Kinugake willow’ on the eastern side of the pond. It is said that Uneme hanged her kimono on the tree when she entered the pond. The Uneme festival is held annually on the night of mid-autumn full moon. You can see some boats on the pond.