Hokkeji Temple (courtesy of the tourist association of Nara City)

Pictures of noted places of Yamato (courtesy of Nara Prefectural Library and Information Center)

Hokkeji Temple

Located on Hokkeji-chō, Nara City in Hokkeji Temple is a nunnery of a Buddhist sect called Kōmyōshū. Another name is Hokkeji Temple of atonement for sins. In 741, when an official order was given to build provincial temples, Queen Kōmyōshi (Queen Kōmyō)(701-760), who was a queen of Emperor Shōmu (701-756: the period of his reign 724-749), founded the temple, which had been her father Fujiwara Fuhito’s house. Tōdaiji Temple was called the head provincial temple while Hokkeji Temple was called the head provincial nunnery. It is said that the statue of The Eleven-Headed Kannon, which is a national treasure of Japan, was copied after the model of Queen Kōmyō. The main building was reconstructed with the financial support of Toyotomi Hideyori (1593-1615)(a son of Toyotomi Hideyoshi) and Yododono (? - 1615)(a wife of Hideyoshi).