A magistrate’s office of Nara (Nara women's University is at the site now)
(courtesy of Nara women's University, National University Coorporation)

A magistrate’s office of Nara

A (town) magistrate of Nara was an Edo-shogunate official who ruled over territories under a shogunate’s control and supervised temples in Yamato (Nara as it is known today). They were stationed throughout Edo Period (1603-1867). Kawaji Toshiakira was especially famous as an able magistrate. The first magistrate’s office was built in a residential site of Nakanobō Hidemasa. It was surrounded on all sides by moats or the Saho River, and had a black gate on the south and a red gate on the north. There was a jail in Kitauoyanishi-machi as well. In 1908, Nara women’s higher normal school was built in the site where the magistrate’s office previously stood. The present name of the school is Nara women’s university.