Nara Park (Tobuhino) (courtesy of the tourist association of Nara City)

Kasugano - Tobuhino

Kasugano is a field stretching out around the base of the west side of Mt. Kasuga in Nara City. It is in the center of the Nara Park as it is known today. The name of Tobuhino, which is another name for Kasugano, came from the fact that Empress Genmei (661-721), whose reign spanned the years 707-715, lit a signal fire in Kasugano to contact people who were far away. It was a large area. However, it became smaller after Kōfukuji Temple was built followed by the capital being moved to Heijōkyō (This was the start of Nara Period) and Kasugasha (The Grand Shrine of Kasuga) was built in Nara Period. Today, it is famous for a lot of deer. A drawing in Edo Period (1603-1867) shows that there were deer in those days as well.