the ancient site of Ichijōin in the Kōfukuji Temple
(Nara district court is at the site now)

Ichijōin Temple

Ichijōin was one of the miner temples in Kōfukuji. Members of the Imperial family and Noblemen conducted religious services there from generation to generation. Ichijōin and Daijōin had powerful authority. Daijōin was a temple whose chief priest was an Imperial Prince from Kōfukuji Temple. Ichijōin is known as a temple where Ashikaga Yoshiaki (another name was Kakukei) (1537-97), who was the last general in the Muromachi Period (1336-1573), was the head priest of a sect. The Nara district court was built on the site where Ichijōin used to be. Any buildings related to Ichijōin no longer exist. Only a building with the palace style architectural characteristics of Fujiwara period called Shin-den was used as Nara prefectural government building and a courthouse. Afterwards, the building was relocated to Tōshōdaiji Temple and reconstructed. The building still exists as a temple with a statue of Ganjin, who founded Tōshōdaiji Temple.