Tanjōji Temple

Tanjōji Temple (The place where Princess Chūjō was born)

Tanjōji Temple is a convent in Mitsumune-chō, Nara City. Its religion is the Jōdoshū sect, which is one of the Buddhist sects. It is said that it was the place where Fujiwara-no-Toyonari (704-766) stayed in Nara Period (710-794) and his princess, Chūjō, was born. That is the origin of its name. Princess Chūjō is a legendary figure who weaved Taimamandara(national treasure) in Taimadera Temple (It is in Katsuragi City). Taimadera Temple is a religious picture in which Buddhist thought is described. It is said that she weaved it overnight with lotus threads and Buddha’s help. Later on, she entered into the bliss of heaven by guidance of Amitabha while living. Her story is written in the song of Taima, Jōruri and Kabuki.