Mt. Saho

The hill that stretches east to west in the northern direction of Heijō-kyō Capital is called Mt. Nara, part of which used to be Mt. Saho. These mountains used to be the boundary between Yamato (present day Nara Prefecture) and Yamashiro (present day Kyōto Prefecture). Mt. Saho is also known as the place with mausoleums of emperors and other royal families including Mt. Saho Minami-no-misasagi Mausoleum (Mausoleum of Emperor Shōmu) and Mt. Saho Higashi-no-misasagi Mausoleum (Mausoleum of Empress Kōmyō). Princess Sahohime, a character made by deifying Mt. Saho, is a goddess who controls spring out of the four seasons of Japan, of whose name is one of the seasonal words (words used to express a feeling of a season in Haiku, a Japanese style of poetry) for spring. This place has also had a beautiful spot with cherry blossoms since old times.