The Garden of the Former Daijōin Temple
(courtesy of the tourist association of Nara City)

Daijōin Temple

Daijōin Temple is one of the individual sub-temples (Tacchū) of Kōfukuji Temple. It was founded in 1087 by a priest named Ryūzen (1038 – 1100). The sons of premier court noble families served as a chief priests for generations. Such a temple was called Monzeki temple, and Daijōin Temple and Ichijōin Temple were collectively called “A Pair of Monzekis.” After the temple was burned down by Taira-no-Shigehira (1157 – 1185), it relocated to a site away from Kōfukuji Temple, where they created a grand garden. The garden remained after the temple had been abolished in the Meiji Era (1868 – 1912), and in 1958, it was designated as a national scenic beauty, called The Garden of the Former Daijōin Temple, which has been open to the public in recent years.